CML_5269-3 CML_5462 CML_5455 CML_5449-2 CML_5440 CML_5438 CML_5433CML_5387 CML_5421-2 CML_5404 CML_5401 CML_5395 CML_5391-3 CML_5375-2 CML_5355 CML_5347-4 CML_5328 CML_5318 CML_5308 CML_5303 CML_5299 CML_5292 CML_5290 CML_5283-2 CML_5250 CML_5247 CML_5241 CML_5238 CML_5236 CML_5235 CML_5232 CML_5220 CML_5219CML_5196-2

This is what happens when good photographers and better people meet. #streetmeetmadrid is born.

Thanks to: @loquehayquever, @perezcruz86, @inst1nto, @_casta_.

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